Hot Start-ups: The 3D future is here!

A former GE employee quit the company in 2014 to start Osteo3d, a Bangalore-based start-up, as he saw immense opportunities and potential in the area of 3D printing technology in healthcare


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Six years ago Mr Deepak Raj (44) experienced an entrepreneurial spark in his heart and desired to explore things on his own.

The result was the formation of Osteo3d, a start-up focusing on 3D printing for healthcare, offering customized solutions for healthcare applications by providing medical models for surgical planning and surgical guides using 3D printing technology.

A medical model is said to be a 3-dimensional representation of a part of the human body.

Thus, a 3D-printed medical model is a physical entity created from a digital medical image using 3D printing technology.

This model is used by healthcare professionals for surgical planning and reconstruction.


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