Hot Start-up: ‘Once the pinch starts…. '

A start-up which began with a tiny investment of Rs 30,000, now stands at worth more than Rs 2 crore


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Started in 2011, Bangalore-based Cabis Labs (Chemical And Biological Industrial Services) is a research-based, technology and product development start-up for the pharmaceutical industry.

It is also a contract research venture primarily focused on drug discovery, development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical and pharma intermediates including specialty chemicals, APIs, and research chemicals.

Dr Rajesh Kavali, MD and co-founder of Cabis, was a former scientist with Syngene International. He has also been a scientist with Sigma Aldrich and Zydus Cadila.

"Bureaucracy," says Dr Rajesh, "is a major hurdle while establishing start-ups. Even for a small licensing chore you need to bribe a few people. In the US, if you want to establish an enterprise, there are organizations that are very supportive and they do not charge a penny. Such set-up is not available here in India. Even the Government doesn't support new ideas, and it doesn't understand the concept of entrepreneurship. Taxation eats away a lot of money in a start-up."

He adds that approaching banks for funding is difficult even with great projects in hand.


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