Hot Start-up: Understanding multiple personalities of cancer

At 60, founder Dr Shaji George is equally as excited and passionate about running his start-up as any other entrepreneur in their 20s and 30s


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Incorporated in 2010, Mir Lifescience is a Bangalore-based biotech start-up incubated at IBAB (Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology), involved in researching the multiple personalities of cancer cells, and developing diagnostic products for customizing or personalizing treatments that works best in individuals.

Personalized Cancer Treatment

Mir operates in the field of applying principles of personalized medicine to cancer.

More specifically, it is developing novel diagnostic tests for predicting which chemotherapy drug(s) is likely to work in a particular patient prior to its administration, rather than the present trial-and-error method.

Cancer diagnosed in early stages often require only surgery because the chances of it spreading is very minimal. But almost always such patients tend to receive unnecessary chemo or radiation therapy.


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