Hot Start-up: In-silico approach to drug discovery

“When good days don’t last long, why worry about bad days?” asks Mr Sameer Chaudhary (32), founder of RASA Life Science Informatics


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He and his wife Ms Sapana Mehendale together founded RASA in 2010, a Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics start-up offering solutions and services in Life Sciences.

The last four years has been very hectic to Mr Sameer and his team.

In fact, when they bagged their major project with Wipro, he and his wife, back then, had to work till a day prior to their wedding.

"It was quite exciting," recalls Mr Sameer, a professional Bioinformatician.

Mr Sameer has a decade of experience in datamining, scientific workflow development, product development and off-shore services and management. Ms Sapana is a pro in software development and Chemoinformatics.


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