Hot Start-up: Shaping the Indian Clinical Genomics landscape

August 2015 marked the first anniversary for Leucine Rich Bio, a young, Bangalore-based, bioinformatics-driven start-up, specializing in next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis & interpretation


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"I have read a lot of blogs, articles and books on entrepreneurship but nothing prepares you for the journey. It is seductive. It is addictive. It is painful. It grinds you. It shocks you, and it saps you of all your energy. Yet, you go to bed wanting to be back at the first light of the day," wrote Mr Kumar Sankaran recently, the founder and CEO of Leucine Rich Bio, in his company's blog, recounting his entrepreneurial journey in the last one year.

The Terrific Trio

The start-up focuses on human genome data interpretation, especially for clinical and research use, and developing cutting-edge novel solutions for drug discovery.

Mr Prabhath Manjappa joined Mr Sankaran as the co-founder and COO during its inception.

Says Mr Sankaran, "Both of us have years of experience in systems biology. We have been discussing genomics and the latest new trends happening in NGS for a long time. We analyzed the markets, and spoke to a variety of experts in the field, figuring out what was exactly needed."


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