Ready to fly: Novo Informatics accelerates its marketing strategy

After its successful research and development activities over last few years, the IIT Delhi based startup, Novo Informatics is set to harvest the fruits by marketing its unique indigenous yet affordable product offering


Mr Avinash Mishra, managing director, Novo Informatics, Delhi believes that 'Make in India' initiative should involve the budding entrepreneurs for affordable and realistic indigenous outcomes.

Conventional drug discovery generally takes 12-15 years from the time molecule is discovered to its availability as a product for common masses. Since uncertainty of this process is very high, the task becomes even more difficult at the later stages. What makes things more complicated is the cost which is estimated to be $800 million to $1 billion for the whole process. This scenario gives rise to development of fast alternative approach which involves lesser time and money. Therefore, computer simulation has emerged as one of the finest solution to catalyze drug discovery.

Novo Informatics is one such company that is working on the computational biology tools to create innovative indigenous products. Set up in 2011, this startup incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, is all set to make its mark now. It provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that includes Target Modeling, v-HT molecule screening, Hits molecules identification, Hits to lead optimization and Molecule synthesis.

The investment of Rs 50 lakh from BIG scheme of BIRAC (Public company set up to fund innovation by government) in 2013, acted as a booster dose and it made good progress within a short span of time. It has since 2011, also worked with few clients to undertake development and validation of novel molecules.

"We have come a long way to establish ourselves. We dedicatedly focused on quality research and product development. This has helped us to achieve unique breakthroughs", says Mr Avinash Mishra, co founder and managing director who has been involved in the spearheading the product development at the company. Set to receive his phD degree shortly, Avinash has been the student of Dr B Jayaram, professor at chemistry department at IIT, Delhi and also the mentor and co-founder at Novo. Other co-founder Mr Sahil Kapoor and Mr Shashank Shekhar too have been involved in other activities such as global promotion and business development etc.

Setting an example how academic facilities could be used not just for paper publishing but real product output as well, the usage of Super Computer of SCFBio (Super Computing Facility for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology), of IIT Delhi has helped the startup with distinct advantage of high computing service for its research.


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