Exploring nanotech touch to phytopharma

Aiming to create new paradigms in healthcare solution, the Bangalore based Applied Nanomaterials is using nanotechnology into traditional plant extracts for developing herbal nano-formulations with diverse applications


Dr Vijay Kunuru, founder and director, Applied Nanomaterials, Bangalore

Recent research findings have shown the detrimental effects of common synthetic chemicals used in hygiene and agriculture. In the light of serious health concerns, there is growing demand to adopt eco and earth friendly traditional herbal extracts by refining and fortifying with new technologies to ensure compliant with contemporary product standards.

The challenges such as lower bioavailability and higher cost compared to synthetic counterparts have made the traditional phytomaterials suffer from suboptimal efficiencies. Apart from that, the higher costs and volatility due to crude application dosage, lower production yields, adhoc sourcing of this largely unorganised sector too have been the factors that added negativity to it. Now as a ray of light, nanoprocess chemistry has the potential to bring down the dosage levels by improving their efficacies with an impact on cost effectiveness.

Working in this direction, the Bangalore based Applied Nanomaterials has been doing research on the nanobio growth stimulators and bio pesticides derived from herbal extracts. The company's progress since its inception in 2012, has been slow and steady. It already offers commercial products and solutions for numerous functions such as eco-friendly nano coatings for UV protection, super hydrophobicity, thermal insulation, lubrication, antifungal and corrosion protection functions.

Taking the difficult route

Dr Vijay Kunuru, founder and executive director, Applied Nanomaterials has always been passionate about science and later inspired by nanotechnology's potential greener solutions for contemporary pressing issues like global warming, cleaner energy, improving air quality, affordable healthcare and poverty alleviation.


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