Hot Start-ups: ‘Believe and take the leap of faith’

What happens when three dynamic trios come together with similar interests and passion coupled with innate entrepreneurial attributes? The result -- A hot emerging start-up!


Established in 2011, Bionivid Technology, located in the happening start-up hub of Bangalore, is a genomics and informatics start-up, jointly cofounded by Mr Madavan Vasudevan, Mr Rohit Nandan Shukla and Mr Hitesh Goswami.

Mr Madavan is a qualified microbiologist-turned-bioinformatician; His partner Mr Rohit is also a qualified bioinformatician and a certified programmer; and Mr Hitesh is a neurobiologist with a fine business acumen. All three of them make a perfect ingredient for raising a hot bioinformatics start-up.

Bottlenecks in Big Data

The company's key focus is on providing informatics solutions for data generated through high throughput genomics technologies including Microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Well, what drove the trios into their entrepreneurial venture? "It is purely a ‘Team, Trust, Talent and Temperament' combination that drove us together. ‘Time' was also a critical factor as affordability and acceptability of genomics data was at the right place during our initiative," voiced Mr Madavan, who is the director of research and operations at Bionivid.

When most of the major genomics service providers in India were moving towards establishing high-end genomics laboratory-based services in producing heaps of genomics data, Bionivid was able to identify the bottleneck in Big Data, and establish a foray of solutions.


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