Diverse asthma treatment pipeline presents major investment opportunity

88 percent of first-in-class pipeline drugs for asthma have not yet been involved in a licensing or co-development deal, emphasizing strong degree of opportunity available to investors


(Photo Courtesy: www.medimanage.com)

The active and diverse treatment pipeline for asthma boasts a striking level of innovation, with many first-in-class products representing significant investment opportunities, says business intelligence provider GBI Research.

The company's latest report states that while asthma therapy development is dominated by small molecule compounds, with 156 products representing 67 percentage of the pipeline, the R&D landscape has moved towards biologics on an unprecedented scale.

There are now 60 biologics in the pipeline, representing a 26 percent share.

Mr Yasser Mushtaq, senior analyst, GBI Research, says: There is a high degree of innovation across the entire asthma therapeutics pipeline. This includes phase III, consisting of multiple first-in-class drugs, many of which are biologics.

"This active development is reflected in the current asthma deals landscape. Between 2006 and 2015, 65 deals associated with asthma treatment have been completed. Of these, 42 involved a product or products with a disclosed molecular target, 14 of which were first-in-class."


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