Genome sequencing to transform India’s healthcare practices

In 2012, out of the 2,500 entrants, Positive Bioscience was ranked as one of the top-six start-ups globally by USA, which is the only genomics company to achieve this position in Asia.


Mr Samarth Jain, CEO & co-founder, Positive Bioscience

Positive Bioscience was started in 2012 with an aim to bring genomics revolution to the second most populous country in the globe - India.

Sensing a huge opportunity to reduce disease burden in India, Positive Bioscience decided to focus on clinical use of genomics, enabling Indian patients to experience world-class treatment at reduced healthcare costs.

Mr Samarth Jain along with Dr Meetha Medhora, and Mrs Bapsy Jain founded the company, and he believes that advanced genomics will change the healthcare landscape of India for better.

Prior to his entrepreneurial venture, Mr Jain started his career at Wall Street and McKinsey, Singapore.

Mrs Jain is a celebrated author of the novel ‘Lucky Everyday'. And Dr Meetha Medhora, an expert in genetics, currently serves as the professor in Radiation Oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA.


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