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  • 9 April 2015
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Effective documentation through IM

Information Mapping (IM) helps in standardizing information to make it more readable, accurate and error-free


Mr Francis Declercq, CEO, Information Mapping

Clear and effective documentation is of utmost importance across different sectors, more so in the Pharma and Biotech sector, where poor documentation can cause serious liabilities. Information Mapping (IM) is a documentation methodology which allows organizations to adopt a common writing standard. It ensures that organizations adopt IM as its content standard so that information is documented in a structured and a consistent manner.

This methodology was developed by its founder Mr Robert Horn, a cognitive scientist from Harvard and Columbia University and is patent protected.

"Our aim is to produce clear and efficient documentation. We standardize the way content is written within companies," said Mr Francis Declercq, CEO, Information Mapping.

Ms Swapna Narayanan, managing director, IM India elaborated further, "Information Mapping is a global methodology. It is the standardization of content that is being developed in a company. We reach out to organizations and we train them in this methodology. We also give a piece of software which works with MS word, it allows (along with MS word) writing in a structured way. Using our standard methodology, it is information presented in smaller chunks enabling better comprehension, better readability and better usability of your document."

The company also provides the technology as a service. "But we always see it from the customer's context, the need and then come up with a solution," said Ms Swapna.


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