• 15 December 2014
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  • By Ayesha

Wellness Genomics: Genomics for health and wellness

DNA information is not limited to identifying the risk of deadly diseases, it is now being consulted in treating ageing, finding suitable fitness activities and can be helpful in extending/ adding the extra year to a person’s life


Genomics or genome sequencing was earlier synonyms with finding out the risk of getting a disease or more so a deadly disease. With genome sequencing becoming cheaper and affordable, many bioinformatics companies are offering services which utilize DNA-based information to treat ageing, managing or identifying the wellbeing or even the sports which a person should pursue as per the genetic information and ultimately trying to add up healthy approach to a one's life. Genetic information can be utilised for a much healthier life. This has given rise to a term, "wellness genomics."

Wellness genomics the new trend?

"In General, health and wellness has gained a lot of recognition in consumer conscience in recent years. Personalized health and wellness through genetics is the next frontier. At Xcode, we are already seeing a significant awareness among consumers about genetics and its role in disease prevention, health and fitness. It's a trend that is growing quite rapidly. Our 100andLife program, which is a DNA-based holistic health and wellness program, has found significant interest among corporate as well as individual customers," said Mr Abdur Rub, CTO, Xcode Life Sciences, a Chennai-based, bioinformatics company. It has recently launched come alive, where DNA information is utilised to gather information like collagen elasticity, etc, and that is being utilized for treating ageing. It is a DNA based anti-ageing solution in which uses body's defences to slow down the aging process. The service is being offered at a nominal fee. The company also has offer services in the pipeline like lifelong wellness which analyse genes for health risks and metabolic variables to give an effective nutrition and fitness plan.

Echoing similar views Ms Anuradha Acharya, CEO, Mapmygenome said that wellness is going to be bigger and genome is definitely a piece of wellness industry. Mumbai-based Mapmygenome also offers DNA based tests to find the right sport/fitness activity for an individual and many other services like Gynaecmap a women's wellness predictive panel. This revolutionary test gives the genetic vulnerabilities to key functions of women's health. The company also offers Oncomap, a DNA-based test that predicts the genetic risk of developing cancer. By combining genetic report and health history with genetic counseling the company provides actionable steps for individuals and their physicians towards a healthier life.

The cost of these tests typically range from Rs 5000-25000, and like any other thing can also be purchased online. Recently, mapmygneome, partnered with online retailer snapdeal.com for selling its kits.

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