‘Nothing is impossible if you have a great idea!’

Founded in 2010, Leaf Cleantech is a four-year-old start-up in the clean technologies space, located in the Indian Silicon Valley, Bangalore.


Mr Vidyashankar Balasubramanyam, founder and CEO, Leaf Cleantech

Enzymes are considered to be a boon and an alternative for detrimental chemicals. Armed with this key idea, Leaf Cleantech's core business focus rests on these enzymes.

Voices Mr Vidyashankar (Shankar) Balasubramanyam, founder and CEO, Leaf Cleantech, "We either replace chemicals partially or completely. We had prior knowledge about enzymes and their applications. Enzymes remain our key business. I have a background in Chemistry and my father, who is an engineer in the R&D, started out together. We offer clean solutions in the air, water and energy spaces. At the same time, we offer products and solutions for the food-and-feed, alcohol, biofuel and neutraceutical industry."

He points out that the company's mission is to provide sustainable and biochemical solutions for some of the pressing issues today in the area of energy efficiency and dependency.

"We offer solutions where we can improve processes efficiently, either directly or indirectly, and reduce the carbon print. Especially in the area of waste water treatment, we wanted to find solutions which would treat the generated waste water from process industries, where it can be used again within the process," he explains.

Initially Mr Shankar started as a consultant and worked with technology incubation firms. Later the company began to work on developing products and technology, as it realized the business model wasn't working.


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Kavitha Udaykumar 11 December 2014 at 12:36 PM

Congratulations Leaf cleantech. its always a good effort, hard work and huge knowledge leads to success.


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