Can predictive genomics take-off in India?

The Human Genome Project (HGP) set the tone for all genome research that were needed to understand the functions of genome


Predictive Genomics industry is changing at the breath taking pace globally but India is in its early stages (Photo Courtesy:

"The market value for predictive genomics is considered to be about Rs 100 crore," says Dr Raja Mugasimangalam, founder and CEO, Genotypic Technology. Also, an approximate estimate can be drawn based on the US market size which is predicted to grow to as much as $452 billion by 2015.

This includes not only the healthcare and pharma markets but also the nutrition and wellness market opportunities that use predictive genomics.

Current research in predictive genomics in India is primarily about identifying specific genetic variations and their association to diseases. However, what is needed is to follow up on these initial studies to validate the targets by doing follow-up studies. It is important to find out if the association is indeed clinically relevant.

One of the applications of predictive genomics is in the field of personalized medicine where each individual is treated based on his or her unique genetic makeup.

"This will have an impact on how the biotech, pharma and healthcare industries operate. Raw genomic data and its interpretations will eventually come to be seen as an indispensable part of health and wellness," said Dr Saleem Mohammed, founder and CEO, Xcode Life Sciences.


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