US think-tank dares Indian government on legal action

This past September American think-tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI) published a research paper titled ‘Poor Quality Drugs and Global Trade: A Pilot Study’ claiming Indian drugs of inferior quality were being exported to poorer nations


Prof. Attaran: my message to India's government is this: ‘Bring it on if you dare'

The paper triggered severe reactions from the Indian government, pharmaceutical fraternity and industry bodies to the point of legal action against AEI.

"The samples were collected between 2009 and 2012. But the paper does not clarify as to when and where were they tested and why did it take two years to write the report, asks Mr D G Shah, secretary general, Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA), when contacted by BioSpectrum.

The publication has been authored by 4 PhD scholars namely Prof. Amir Attaran, faculty of law, Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa, Canada; Dr Aparna Mathur and Dr Roger Bate, scholars, American Enterprise Institute; and Prof. Ginger Jin, Department of Economics, University of Maryland.

According to the paper, Legatum Institute has funded the collection and testing of all the medicines. The study also recognizes that transportation and storage conditions could have impacted the quality of products tested.

Coincidentally, the paper was released during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit. "The timing of this publication and the planned publicity in the media suggests that it was not a coincidence," justifies Mr Shah.


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