Moving technology from Lab-to-land a bottleneck

Bangalore-based Multiplex Group of Companies was founded by Dr G P Shetty in 1974. After 40 years, the company today stands as a leading manufacturer and exporter of organic manure, biofertilizer, biopesticides, micronutrients, and bioactivators


Mr Mahesh G Shetty, MD, Multiplex Group of Companies

Currently, India's private biofertilizer market is estimated to be worth Rs 500-600 crore and is expected to be growing more.

"The issue with biofertilizer and biopesticide market is that there is no proper check and control. The whole concept of organic manure and biofertilizer is getting killed because of the substandard materials used. I feel the government is responsible for this. A lot of awareness is being slowly created among farmers to go organic and chemical-free. This is a positive trend and it is picking up day-by-day," expressed Mr Mahesh G Shetty, MD, Multiplex Group of Companies, throwing light on the existing scenario on the biofertilizer market in India.

Multiplex began as a micronutrient manufacturing enterprise and then got into the business of pesticides in 1995-96. Later in 1999, the company's focus turned towards organic manures and biopesticides.

Speaking on the biofertilizer industry challenges, Mr Shetty opined, "The major issue is that, as for using biofertilizer in agriculture, the results are not immediate. There are many factors that determine the quality of the products including climate, weather, soil moisture, and pH among others."

He also feels that it is imperative to build confidence among farmers. "We need to instill confidence among farmers and the agricultural community that they can grow any kind of vegetables and field crops without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Farmers have lost their confidence in biofertilizers. We need to create awareness among them and venture capitalists," he added.


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