HiMedia: Riding on the innovation wave

HiMedia has raked in profits as the consumption of media products, ready made cell culture plates and cell lines by global countries continued to increase


Dr GM Warke, MD & CEO

noMaintaining its consistent performance, HiMedia has registered a revenue of Rs 394.45 crore for the last fiscal year. Riding high on the innovation wave, HiMedia has extended its expertise in innovating world-class products in animal and plant tissue culture media and molecular biology. The last fiscal year was successful for the firm both in terms of innovation and expansion. In addition to the existing robust product portfolio, the firm introduced a complete new product line of granulated and capsule media into the market. This has helped the firm attract lifescience players and pharma giants worldwide.

With culture media compliant to all major pharmacopeias worldwide, HiMedia products are an integral part of almost all pharma and biotech labs across the globe. Moving ahead, the firm aims to become a one-stop solution provider for lifesciences. After attaining remarkable success with culture media and cell lines for microbiology and molecular biology labs, HiMedia is all set to pioneer and shape a paradigm shift from culture media products to instrumentation for molecular biology and microbiology laboratories.


The firm is currently focused on taping the emerging agro market by developing an innovative plant nutrient product pipeline to cater to the needs of various agro and nutrition based industries. Its novel rose multiplication medium has already generated waves in the floriculture market. Besides these, HiMedia has launched various nutrition testing kits to aid testing labs assess the quality and nutritional value of food. The milk adulteration kit launched by the firm has become very popular among healthcare experts as it is capable of detecting 17 adulterants in milk with increased authenticity.

Though the firm's research endeavors were hindered by the lack of funds from the government and the unstable political scenario in the country, HiMedia raked in profits as the consumption of media products, readymade cell culture plates and cell lines by global countries continued to increase. With promising products in the pipeline, HiMedia is poised to reap immense profits in the next fiscal year.


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