Top 20: Reliance registers robust growth

Riding the biosimilar wave, the company has registered about 35 percent growth in the last fiscal


Mr KV Subramaniam, president & CEO, Reliance LifeSciences

top-20-logoReliance Life Sciences, incorporated in the year 2001, is a new millennium initiative of the Reliance Group of companies. Reliance Life Sciences is developing business opportunities in the domains of medical, plant and industrial biotechnology.

During the year 2013-14, Reliance is estimated to have recorded significant gains in its financial performance. With 35 percent growth, its revenues soared to an estimated Rs 700 crore as compared to previous year's Rs 535 crore.

In 2014 and beyond, Reliance Life Sciences is betting big on the fast growing oncology drug market in India and worldwide. For the domestic market, the company has set up a separate division for marketing oncology formulations. For international markets, it will pursue partnerships with pharmaceutical companies for commercialization of these products. The global oncology drug market is expected to grow to $110 billion by 2017.

Reliance Life Sciences has created a strong foundation in medical biotech with a range of products and services across plasma proteins, biosimilars, specialty pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, molecular medicine, and novel proteins. It is now scaling up its product-market play. There are several products in clinical development, some novel proteins in pre-clinical stage, and a host of product registrations in overseas countries that are currently underway. Concurrent with this, Reliance Life Sciences is expanding manufacturing capacities consistent with the need for higher scales of production.

In case of biosmilar products, Reliance Life Sciences has the distinction of launching three of the world's first biosimilars--interferon beta, human chorionic gonadotropin, and reteplase. It currently markets eight biosimilars and has 20 more under development.
Some of the innovative work that Reliance Life Sciences has been doing is in developing therapies that meet unmet needs relevant to India--cord blood stem cell transplant for beta thalassemia and other blood disorders, siRNA molecules for anti-cancer, and anti-viral (dengue fever), melanocyte stem cell therapy for pigmentation disorders, novel fusion proteins for head and neck cancer, and biomarkers for oral cancer.

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