• Bangalore
  • 5 June 2014
  • Features
  • By Mr Hugh Grant, chairman and CEO, Monsanto

‘Biotechnology: A tool for future food security’

Conscientious Americans have taken numerous actions at the workplace and at home to save our Earth's resources and sustain the environment


Mr Hugh Grant, chairman and CEO, Monsanto

All of these efforts are important, but the most critical arena of operations in the effort to preserve our planet is one that may surprise you: the farm.

So huge is agriculture's environmental footprint that its success or failure in achieving sustainability will be a key determinant of our planet's fate.

Policymakers and opinion leaders everywhere need to understand: Agriculture is at the pivot point of the 21st century.

The scarcity of water and land

Tremendous progress has already been made. But we need much more. Consider water.


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