'Innovation can also come from smaller companies'

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) was set up to provide guidance to National Health Service (NHS) on improving health and social care including treatment, pharmaceutical projects and medical devices diagnostics


Ms Mirella Marlow, programme director, Centre for Health Technology Evaluation (NICE)

"We also provide guidance on care for people with diseases and conditions, and we offer a range of services like evidence for health service, and that is our mission," says Ms Mirella Marlow, programme director, Centre for Health Technology Evaluation (NICE).

Ms Marlow says that NICE works closely with medical companies and believes that innovations can also come from smaller companies.

"We work with companies to encourage them bring their projects to us for guidance. We advise companies about evidence they will need proving that their projects are efficient. NICE is a global brand, and we are known throughout the country. Companies having NICE guidance in the UK will use that to head projects around the world. It is important for companies to engage with NICE," she elucidates.

She optimistically opines saying, "If you have a company that wants to sell products in to the UK, they can approach us. We support and fit in with the research agenda. Even if Indian companies that wants to sell their products around the world, having NICE's guidance is a good thing because it helps companies to sell around the world easily."

Talking about how companies can take advantage of NICE's services, she says, "Our approach is highly robust and we carry out high quality evaluation. We look out for clinical effectiveness and as well as cost effectiveness. We are highly regarded, and engaging with us has a great impact on the company share prices."

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