'Exceptional service needed to compete'

This February, BioAsia 2014 in Hyderabad witnessed an array of UK-based companies at the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) exhibition stall seeking to establish collaborations and inviting investments in the opportunities galore lifesciences sector


Ms Jeanette Walker, project director, Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Here are some of them, describing what they do, their offerings and how they can help Indian companies get a foothold in the UK.

"We can help Indian companies understand who is in Cambridge, what research they are doing, including drug discovery, what drugs are in the pipeline, what phases they are in, whether or not they have clinical candidates and so on. Companies in Cambridge are very busy. One thing that we want from the Indian companies is better articulation of their USP, and fortunately Indian companies are able to articulate very quickly," said Ms Jeanette Walker, project director, Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

According to Ms Walker, Cambridge companies are very open-minded and are open to innovation.

"In the past, companies were doing things on their own through closed innovation. Today, they are outsourcing most of the work to India and China. That gives them two things potentially: cost advantage or savings and the flexibility to turn a service off when the project is over," she added.

Ms Walker advises Indian companies to be patient until companies understand the offerings. "Do not expect to get business on the first meeting itself. Indian companies need to have at least one representative office either in UK or Cambridge. This will allow us to manage a relationship since there has to be someone who is available locally. Collaborations in science are no different from personal relationships. They have to be built on loyalty, respect and trust. This cannot be achieved through electronic means only."


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