‘Understanding cultures impact research outcomes’

With a mission to encourage international collaborations and partnerships with Indian companies involved in brain and neurosciences, delegates from the Neurosciences Victoria was present at the three day biotech conference, Bangalore India Bio 2014 .


Dr Andrew Milner, MD & CEO, Neurosciences Victoria

Focusing on developing strong tie-ups in the area of unmet medical needs, the team aims to promote strategic investment to bridge the existing gap between academic research discovery and commercial exploitation and development.


Dr Andrew Milner, MD & CEO, Neurosciences Victoria: Global diseases of the brain and mind are really important issues of unmet medical needs. In children, we are focusing on cerebral palsy, which is very
prevalent in India than Australia.

When people from India go to Melbourne, there is much more opportunity for collaboration because a strong relationship is developed. It takes time to develop research groups to get comfortable with each other.

It is a wonderful opportunity for Asians to access new drugs and bring it to their marketplace.


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