‘Tomorrow carries its own risks and uncertainties’

Founded in 2010, Xcode Life Science is a young, fresh start-up that has been making waves quietly in Chennai, innovating in the field of healthcare through research in health-related big data through cutting edge technology.


Dr Saleem Mohammed, CEO and cofounder, Xcode Life Sciences.

The beginnings

The company was founded by the dynamic duo, Mr R Narayanan, also known as ‘Naru', serving as the chairman, and Dr Saleem Mohammed, who serves as the CEO and cofounder of Xcode Life Sciences.

Xcode's portfolio spans across areas including bioinformatics, genetics and nutrition, through which it aims to promote preventive health practices and lifestyle among its customers.

Speaking about the company's potential, Dr Saleem Mohammed said, "At Xcode, we see ourselves pioneering in the personalized nutrition and medicine space, specifically for lifestyle related condition. Our long-term vision is to discover genetic causes of these illnesses that would help in accurate indication of onset of diabetes, obesity, CVDs and stroke. The data that we collect will serve as gold standard and will be used for R&D to make our prediction models more accurate."

The offerings


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