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QTLomics is India’s first agri-genomics company, founded and chaired by Dr Raja C Mugasimangalam, with a mission to develop novel products, and take technology to farmers by enabling them to breed better crops and help identify traits in them.


Dr Raja C Mugasimangalam, founder, QTLomics

For two years, QTLomics was incubated at Genotypic Technology, a 15-year-old Genomics services enterprise, offering microarray, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and bioinformatics services and solutions.

The background
With an ever increasing Indian population number, 70 percent of them depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

"With our booming economy and urbanization, Indian population seems to be growing day-by-day. There is a massive change in our diet style. On the other hand, we are witnessing huge biodiversity loss, along with acute water scarcity, and in a few years from now the water table that we see today will disappear. On top of that, there is the issue of climate change, leading to sudden changes in the earth's temperature and atmosphere as a result of messed up ozone layer," explains Dr Krishna Prasad, COO, QTLomics, talking about the company's background.

"Earlier we had four months of rainy season which now has reduced to a month or two. All these factors are worrying our farmers way too much."

Dr Prasad continues, "Thus, we now need to produce more and more food, for which seed is pivotal. Now, the challenge is, farmers need to grow more food in the same space of land. Hence the seed varieties need to be changed."

He further elucidates, "Hence, we felt that there is a big challenge and we decided to use technology to bring about the change by focusing on agriculture. This idea started and was incubated two years ago within Genotypic Technology. In December 2013, we decided to move this arm out as a separate subsidiary company focusing on agriculture."

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