'Entrepreneurs should speak the language of their ecosystem'

Dr Ashwini Nangia is the founder of the four-year-old start-up, ‘Crystalin Research’, which is India’s first scientific enterprise focusing exclusively on R&D in solid-state crystalline forms for the pharmaceutical industry.


Dr Ashwini Nangia and his team

An academician by profession and having a doctorate degree in Chemistry from the prestigious Yale University, today he dons a dual-role as an entrepreneur and as well as a professor of Chemistry at the University of Hyderabad.

Academics Vs Entrepreneurship

Says Dr Nangia, "It started about four years ago. There are many discoveries which happen in the academic realm having great commercializing potential and practical applications for real world situations. So far in the academic realm, professors were depending on someone to commercialize their discoveries."

In 2009, the government felt the need to empower professors and academicians to commercialize their inventions. It brought out a scheme called ‘Knowledge Equity' in 2009, which is based on the common model seen in the US and UK, where professors run their own companies parallely without giving up their teaching careers.

"We took advantage of this new scheme which allowed academicians to run their companies along-side being professors. It is a breakthrough innovation and the thinking of the policy-makers was futuristic in terms of starting Technology Business Incubator (TBI) labs. Thus, Crystalin Research started in January 2010," adds Dr Nangia.


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