AstraZeneca should gift its R&D center to Bangalore


Mr Narayanan Suresh, group editor, BioSpectrum - Lets ensure that Karnataka gets to salvage the AstraZeneca R&D center

AstraZeneca took the national biotech community by surprise by its sudden announcement on January 30, 2014, that it will shut its research center in Bangalore. The swanky center, employing 165 scientists, who are trying to find a cure against dreaded diseases like tuberculosis and malaria, has been a showpiece of Bangalore as well as for AstraZeneca's global network of nine research centers.

According to the AstraZeneca announcement, scientists will start leaving by April and the high tech research facility will close later this year.

Can this advanced research center be salvaged and its high tech laboratories put to better use after the UK-based multinational AstraZeneca's disinterest in running it? The facility has a rich history and started as Astra Research Center India. It was one of the country's first corporate R&D facility in biotechnology that came up after the Indian government liberalized the rules to allow such facilities in the country in the mid-1990s.

Yes. The center can easily be saved provided there is a strong will on the part of the Karnataka government to do so. BioSpectrum suggests that "Operation Salvage AstraZeneca" as a three-step process.

Step 1: AstraZeneca should be persuaded to gift the facility that sits on a 14,200 square-meter plot to the Government of Karnataka as a goodwill gesture for benefiting from the presence in the state for more than two decades.


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