'Dialysis centers should focus on cost efficiency without compromising quality'

The founders of NephroPlus, a chain of kidney care clinics in India, recently spoke to BioSpectrum about the existing dialysis care system in India and making it more accessible and affordable to the poor.


Mr Sandeep Gudibanda (L), Mr Mr Kamal Shah (Center), and Mr Vikram Vuppula (R)

Seven and half years ago, when Mr Vikram Vuppula's uncle passed away because of chronic renal failure, he was utterly shocked to see the conditions prevailing in hospitals providing dialysis care.

He felt that dialysis care units in India needed a massive improvization through redefining the existing system. It was then he realized that professional dialysis services was absolutely needed in the country.

With more than 10 years experience in the US healthcare industry, Mr Vikram Vuppula, along with Mr Sandeep Gudibanda, and Mr Kamal Shah, founded the now four-year-old company, NephroPlus, a chain of kidney care clinics across India.

They started their first unit in Hyderabad in February 2010, with an investment of 1 crore rupees. Having received a good response, six months later they started their second unit in Hyderabad, followed by the third one in Mahabubnagar, about 100 kilometers away from Hyderabad.

Adds Mr Vikram Vuppula, founder & CEO, NephroPlus, "Today, renal care in India is in a bad shape. Dialysis centers run by hospitals do not tend to operate with real focus, since hospitals are more profit oriented. Hospitals know that dialysis care does not return much on investments. It is merely run by technicians."


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