13. Indian Immunologicals

Indian Immunologicals’ Raksha Ovac became the largest selling veterinary brand in India with sales exceeding `125 crore.


Managing Director: K V Balasubramaniam

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Indian Immunologicals (IIL) has evolved over the years to gain formidable share in human vaccines and garner a leadership position in animal vaccines. During FY 2012-13, it grew at 27 percent to achieve revenues of `325.65 crore. It also crossed the `400 crore figure for its total turnover. Mr Anandkumar, deputy managing director, attributed this performance to an overall growth in both animal and human vaccine products.
The company is planning investments to the tune of `800 crore over the course of the next five years. While staying true to the philosophy with which it was set up, the bulk of IIL's revenues are through domestic sales to governments and through the private market. However, its bioscience exports have increased from 6.95 percent to almost 14 percent.
This year, Raksha Ovac became the largest selling veterinary brand in India with sales exceeding `125 crore. Raksha Ovac is a vaccine for Foot and Mouth disease that was launched more than three decades ago has been a major contributor to preventing loss of cattle. While IIL has produced more than a billion doses of FMD vaccine since inception, the FMD vaccine plant in Hyderabad today has a capacity to manufacture 240 million doses annually.
IIL also has plans to set up another facility exclusively for producing the FMD vaccine at Puducherry. The proposed new facility will be the largest one in the world for FMD vaccines with a capacity to produce 500 million doses of the vaccine. IIL is one of the few companies which has exported the vaccine to other countries in a super-concentrate form.
In terms of human vaccines, IIL has also developed a pentavalent vaccine that is currently awaiting approval for Phase II/III trials. Vaccines for neglected diseases like chikungunya and Japanese Encephalitis are also currently under research. When it comes to their oral HPV vaccine, IIL has completed its toxicology studies and is seeking approval for further studies.
Other vaccines like DPT, TT and vero cell Rabies vaccine that are produced at IIL are directly supplied to the Indian government.

Company: Indian Immunologicals
Business: Manufacturing of animal and human vaccines
Revenue: 2013 `325.65 crore



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