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  • 2 May 2013
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  • By Kalyani Dalal

"There is an incredible amount of research work going on in our country"

Kalyani Dalal, speaks about how her interest in food technology sparked her zeal for studying biotechnology and how she plans to pursue it later on as well


My name is Kalyani Dalal and I am pursuing my fourth year of M.Tech Integrated Biotechnology from Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil University of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Navi Mumbai. I like most of the subjects in my course, but the subjects that I find most interesting are Molecular Biology of Eukaryotes, Cell Signalling, Bioprocess Technology, Down Stream Processing, Food Science and Technology, and Immunology.

I was interested in Food Technology ever since my junior college days when I got to know about the widespread applications in this field of study. My main interests lied in Brewing and Wine industries. Hence, this sparked the interest in me to take up Biotechnology as my graduation field as I could pursue my career in the field that I was most interested in.

I have done a one month training program at the Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory of KEM Hospital, Parel. I have also done a one month implant training program at United Breweries Limited, Goa. After the completion of my M.Tech course, I would like to work in a company and also do a specialization side by side, if I get an opportunity to do so. This would give me the chance of increasing my knowledge about the subject to an even greater depth.

I think, in the past few years, mainly in the past decade, the interest in the field of biotechnology has increased tremendously in India. There is an incredible amount of research work going on in our country. This is mainly because India is a huge market for biotech products. Until now, all these products had to be imported as they were not manufactured here. However, the scenario now is changing and there is now a need for these products to be manufactured in our country. Hence, there have been extensive research facilities that have been set up in our country, which has increased the scope of biotech greatly in India. Research work is also being carried out extensively in our college on bioremediation, cancer and cell lines.

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abhishek 12 May 2013 at 03:31 PM

Nice approach


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