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A plethora of government sponsored projects allows students to gain rich and valuable hands on research experience


Biotech Public Schools No 2

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) is an autonomous national research institution under the DBT and affiliated to the University of Kerala. The admission for the PhD program is through various national level entrance exams conducted by CSIR, DBT, and ICMR. RGCB saw 34 students getting admitted over the last academic year. It remains to date as one of the very few institutions with experienced faculty, with 90 percent of its teaching staff possessing a PhD and have several decades of experience.

The research conducted at RGCB can be substantiated by the high number of papers published in international publications, which is 226. The institution has filed for 11 Indian patents and four international patents since 2008.

RGCB has two major public service facilities, a regional facility for DNA fingerprinting and molecular diagnostics. The institute is also planning to start a MSc course in molecular diagnostics. This initiative in the future can complement its existing molecular diagnostics lab.

Since June 2009, RGCB has had government sponsored projects worth Rs 15 crore and industry sponsored projects worth Rs 4 crore. In addition to the government sponsored research, faculty members also avail the intramural funding made available to them by the institution.


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