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Hot Start-ups: Pioneers in genome editing

September 6, 2016   |   Features

Here is the story of two young Life Sciences researchers who came together to be game-changers in the


Hot Start-ups: Monitoring the critical rhythm

September 6, 2016   |   Features

Monitra Healthcare is a Hyderabad-based medtech start-up offering solutions that can capture cardiac


India’s diagnostics queen

September 7, 2016   |   Interviews

Being a woman entrepreneur in India isn’t a rosy journey. Running a business owned by the family may


Start-ups: Deciphering the de-risking strategy

August 29, 2016   |   Features

In the entrepreneurial world, the ‘R’ word is the most hated word as much as it is popular


Exclusive: What kills a Life Sciences start-up?

August 29, 2016   |   Features

Mistakes are unavoidable in an entrepreneurial journey. Some mistakes are significant and others -- though

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